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VIDEO: Beenie, Bounty Bossing The Dancehall Stage

When we thought we’ve seen it all.. they brought back the past.

90s stalwarts of dancehall, Beenie Man the King of Dancehall, self proclaimed or not, the man is bad.
Then you have the Warlord, the great 5 star general Bounty Killa, eva bad.

A few nights ago these two men showed why they are still relevant in this modern era of dancehall.
They took the versuz stage a part with a clash of a lifetime.. we did not get enough nor I say could we ever? JamaicanTheory watched it from start to end and we still can’t find the winner, it was too intense and all in good fun and spirits. Dancehall was the Victor on that night.

These two men are not relics in their field, they’re living legends and homage must be paid to them.
Beenie and Bounty shows what unity can give this world.. Love, peace and some good ole laughter, but as we would say in Jamaica.. lighter fi deh one yah. We put weh the #Shandy bottle, this one was a hit.

Full Video Beenie Man Verzuz Bounty Killa. Video Credit: YouTube VK TV


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