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Lisa Hanna is Real?

We here at the desk of Jamaicantheory.com takes our time to view what we believe is real! Guess who popped up on our path, yes I, you’ve guessed right, Lisa Hanna. We will say, for right now, that this lady is doing it the real way.

Back from her days on the runway, Lisa had always seemed to be the brightest in the room, surely the prettiest I must confess, but that’s for a next day. (we smirk wryly) Beauty and brains are great recipes for success and she got em both.

Politics in every country is filled with cunny buds, (cunning people) it’s a given, we know this, we have a problem though – when these cunny buds feel they can trick us! We run with the notion that nearing elections we’ll see our rep a bit more and we are sometimes relaxed with the thought that our roads will be fixed then, rightly so, afterall, politicians benz must not drop in potholes, what you did think< road fix for you? ok then!

Lisa Hanna on the other hand seems smart, well if she is a cunny bud, there you go, she trick me. Lisa stays in touch with the people all in #CORONA, yes no mask and all. Be safe though Lisa something’s out there. Lisa, question. How do you find time to hit the gym, staying slim, do the wife and mother thing, which by the eye.. you seems to be doing well, then come amongst us so regularly? Is what? You know something that most of em old timers don’t? Girl! A friend of mines suggest that you could run Jamaica, and you know what, she could be right.

We will never have a perfect leader in nothing, a friend told me even #GOD made the Devil, Mistake!? what we can do is strive to be our best servant for the people and that’s all we ask of our politicians. Be there for the people take our needs serious, fix our streets regularly, make sure we have basics: Light, Water and good schools for our kids. it’s my theory of a successful politician. is that so hard? No sah, Lisa make it look easy. #Jamaicantheory says Lisa Hanna is not a #Cunnybud, she’s one for Jamaica, she’s one for the people of South East Saint Ann. (#SESA)


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