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FACE OFF…Jamaica Vs. Brazil Over Corned Beef Ban

Jamaica and Brazil appear to be heading towards a trade row over the island’s ban on corned beef imported from that South American country.

The Brazilian Embassy in Kingston asked the Jamaican Government to lift what it described as the “unilateral ban”.

However; Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Karl Samuda remains adamant that the ban on the product, in Jamaica, will remain in place until relevant tests have been completed.

The Brazilian Embassy in Jamaica is insisting that none of the 21 meat processing companies currently being investigation by that South American nation’s authorities, for their role in an ongoing rotten beef scandal, have export arrangements with Jamaica.

However, Samuda, in his release, stated firmly: “The measures will not be lifted until we have received the all-clear. We have to ensure the safety of the public.”

He also said that Jamaican officials are to visit Brazil on a fact-finding mission.

However, on Wednesday, Grace Kennedy Limited issued a release saying that its corned beef suppliers in Brazil are not under investigation by the authorities.

The company said it could confidently state that the factories that supply corned beef to Grace Kennedy Ltd are not a part of the current investigation by the Brazilian authorities.

“Further, none of the meat plants listed by the Brazilian authorities supply corned beef to Grace Kennedy Ltd,” the company added.


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