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Woman begs Judge to free her abuser, after he nearly kills her

A Trelawny woman that was nearly killed by her ex is now begging the court to not send this man to prison! Now, she’s allegedly saying this man is her unborn Childs father and not her current man spawn. I personally was very hurt emotionally when I read of this woman’s plight in the papers, which subsequently was confirmed by the media at large.

are we to say this woman deceived these men? it’s said that this man she begs for attempted to cut her open viciously, he wanted to kill her. what is to stop him from doing it again? nothing, not even the child which she thinks she carries for him will stop her from being killed. The judge should ignore her cries and protect her and this child from herself. This woman is abusing herself, Yes, like a man can kill himself, this woman is indirectly abusing herself. The unconscionable action of this Ex lover is only a manifestation of a series of mental abuse grooming.

We normally heard people getting into relationship troubles, situation that is abusive and is forced through our emotions to pity them, but can we say the truth. Yes, some of these females are callous with their actions, they let themselves loose with every man that calls to them and are to be blamed for their actions.

Abuse of any gender is wrong. Abuse is also mental, not only is it physical. Men hate to get counseling which can generally prevent domestic violence and foster better relations. Are men the only ones to be blamed? The physical act is the last stage of abuse, it’s the result of a volume of interchangeable toxic situations that leads to the physical. What are we going to do about this reckless killer, it’s often times undetected. We often ignore the signs especially in men. Men are called soft in Jamaica if they show up themselves for being mentally wanting, “Man stop gwan like yuh a girl!” is the normal reaction to a Jamaican man cry for help, hence they hide it behind a grand show of Macho Ness and noise which often times leads to violence.

The Judge can start right here, ignore this woman plea for pity for this man, he needs to sit in prison and cool off, whilst been council and reform.

That is the only help this woman can get right now to save her life.


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