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“Andrew Is A Youth, But He Is Not A Good Youth”- Crawford

Now that the People’s National Party is in the hands of a new leader Dr. Peter Phillips everyone has joined in the fanfare.

This after veteran Politician and former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller bid her farewell yesterday.

People’s National Party members,were ecstatic when Damion Crawford declared that Holness is not fit to run the country yesterday inside the National Arena.

Crawford, said he had heard the criticisms that Phillips, at 67 years old, cannot match Holness, at 44 year old, in an election race.

But the one-time politician said he was not fazed because age was not a factor in a Maths race when Holness does not have the formula.

“Andrew is a youth, but he is not a good youth, Crawford said in a witty introduction of the new PNP president.

Crawford has been a sustained critic of Holness.

Phillips, Crwaford said has proved himself in his past cabinet positions over the past 21 years.


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